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With over 25 years in the technology field my knowledge can help you identify the best solutions to optimize your buisness. You have unique needs and challanges you are facing so don't do it alone, lean on an expert in the field to guide you through the plethora of vendors.


Providing you with the best technology solutions for your unique needs and challanges.


You know your buisness better than anyone. Learning what keeps you up at night sets a clear target.


Mesuring what sucess looks like to you is the most important aspect of the project. You define the metrics to use for project completion.


Here are some of the solutions you can learn more about to invovate, solve challanges, or just save money with.

Contact Center

Contact center telephony and omni channel solutions including dialers.

Unified Communications

Cloud based telephony phone systems and collaboration.

Wireless Internet

Fast wireless internet for remote office locations.

Wired Internet

Fiber, cable, Metro-E, wired internet options for high speed connectivity.


Secure traffic over internet connections for you and your staff.

Enterprise Secuirty

Defend against ransomware, DDoS, hackers and bad actors.

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